As members will be aware, the 7 day “access period” for viewing of all documents relating to your Enterprise Agreement opened today, 11 November. 

From next Thursday 18 November through to Monday 22 November, you will be asked to vote on the document.
Some significant outcomes to your EA include, but aren’t limited to:

  • A wage increase of 2.5% back dated to September 1 2021, an increase of 2.95% on September 1 2022 and a further 3% on 1 September 2023;
  • An additional 0.5% contribution to your superannuation to be paid from 1 September 2023;
  • NO changes to start and finish times. Ausgrid dropped this claim. This is a significant win;
  • NO forced shift work. Again, this is a significant win;
  • 2 years of job security whereby there will be NO involuntary redundancies in the first 2 years of the Agreement. In year 3, a cap of 100 involuntary redundancies can be made;
  • Superannuation whilst on paid parental leave;
  • A vastly improved dispute settlement procedure; and
  • An increase to compassionate leave.

Your union supports a YES vote on the document you are being asked to vote on.  For those of you who weren’t able to attend our paid member session on Tuesday 9 November, 92% of USU members indicated (anonymously) that they would be voting YES to the Agreement when voting opens. 

It is worth noting that your union achieved outcomes on ALL items we contributed to the combined union Log of Claims. These are significant outcomes.
Irrespective of which way the vote ends up going, your union offers a huge thank you to your nominated delegates who participated in negotiation over the last 13 months. They are: Penny Pring-Shambler, Miranda Jones, Thao Tran (USU Executive member), Matthew Smith and Jamie Baker.

Your negotiating officials started their careers in the union as shop floor delegates and are all too familiar with the efforts that go into volunteering your time to achieve these outcomes for your colleagues.  Again, we owe you a big thank you.


If you have any questions about this email, please contact USU organisers Troy Dunne or Paul Sansom.

Troy Dunne 
0419 403 076 /

Paul Sansom
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