The United Services Union (USU) has been notified by members that they have been performance managed for use of ‘unplanned breaks’ for using toilet/bathroom facilities. As a result the USU wrote to HCF requesting they cease that action.

Correspondence sent to HCF on 25 January 2018 and the response received from HCF on 2 February 2018 can be downloaded here.

Advice from HCF is that “…HCF is committed to providing a safety workplace and providing duty of care to its employees…” The USU would argue that continued monitoring of breaks for use of bathroom facilities is in direct opposition to that statement. Members continue to notify that this archaic practice is ongoing.

HCF have requested that members who have concerns on this matter contact their individual business manager. I would encourage members to take that action, as well as notifying your Union.

  • If you have been involved in discussion(s) about your use of breaks for bathroom facilities, or you are engaged in such a discussion in the future, please advise the USU IMMEDIATELY workplace delegate or organiser.
  • If you are requested to sign a performance improvement plan or other performance related document, that at all mentions your use of toilet/bathroom facilities during planned or unplanned breaks, please advise the USU IMMEDIATELY workplace delegate or organiser.
  • If you feel intimidated or threatened by your supervisor for using planned or unplanned breaks to use toilet/bathroom facilities, please advise your USU workplace delegate or organiser IMMEDIATELY.

HCF workplace delegates:
SYDNEY: Glennis Ann Fewett
PARRAMATTA: Rebekah Tong (acting)
ST LEONARDS: Position vacant

The USU is currently accepting nominations for workplace delegates at all HCF sites. If you are interested in becoming a DELEGATE or a CONTACT in your workplace or would like further information, please contact Emily Callachor.


Emily Callachor – USU Organiser – Phone: 0417 420 924 – Email: – Membership Support Centre: 1300 136 604