The new Roster System (in the Membership Department) has now been implemented which has seen a dramatic increase in weekend shift work and evening shifts across the department.

The USU has been contacted by a number of members unhappy with the Roster Rotation but have said that they felt that they didn’t really have a choice in the vote as the rosters were all similar and forced members to work all but one weekend a month.

We are seeking feedback from members about how you feel about these shifts and whether you support the Union in running a dispute in accordance with the Dispute Resolution procedure of the NRMA Contact Centre Agreement.

In order for us to gain some information, we would appreciate you taking the time to answer some questions so we can collate the necessary information required.

We will follow you up with a flyer outlining your collective concerns and keep you informed on any outcome.

If you require any further information please contact your Organiser Melissa Pond on 0408 620 741 or

The Survey can also be downloaded in pdf format here and returned to Melissa.