Following sessions with members over the last week, I wrote to Maria Robertson yesterday requesting information as part of the consultation process.

Matters raised were:
• Potential closure of the Sydney office
• Removal of Sydney based Manager
• Changes to Team Leader and Business Services Specialist roles
• Understanding the ‘Transition Manager’ role

I met today with Helen McComb and Louise Sinclair to discuss the Enterprise Agreement and we briefly discussed this correspondence. It is my understanding that there is currently no draft for Cabinet, and if there was, it would not be put to Cabinet until after the upcoming election.

Once I have received a response from the Department, I am certain additional questions will need answering as is evidenced in the consultation sessions already held. Those that attended a session will have received a copy of my notes from each session and it is interesting, though not surprising, the common threads across participants.

Consultation with the USU
I have arranged for a further session (no.4), which is scheduled for Tuesday 18th August at 10.30am. All employees in the Sydney Office are invited to attend this session; the purpose is to provide an update on information received from the Department as well as discuss the matters raised to Maria. I have sent a calendar invitation as a place card for this session which must be accepted if you wish to receive a link to the zoom meeting on Tuesday, and if you are concerned that someone who wishes to attend has been left off, please let me know.

I am planning to hold an additional session (no.5) next week on Wednesday afternoon for those in Sydney that have any desire to return to New Zealand. If you would like to attend this session, please click here (you will receive a copy of the zoom information on the morning of).

Consultation with Maria
I encourage all members to attend and actively participate in Maria’s ‘drop in session’ next Monday at 2.00pm. If you are uncomfortable raising matters yourself, feel free to pass your questions & comments to me and I can raise on your behalf. Likewise, your participation in ‘ConsiderThis’ is very important.

We need to ensure that the individual and collective voice of the Sydney office is heard throughout this period!

In the meantime, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me, or your representatives.
Team 1 – Paul and Alessia
Team 2 – Lasi and Marcel
Management – Marcel

Yours sincerely,
Emily Callachor
Organiser • 0417 420 924