What is happening with Enterprise Agreement negotiations?

Your USU/ASU delegates met with Jetstar to negotiate a new Enterprise Bargaining. The negotiations have begun slowly with the union presenting our claims and proposing a bargaining schedule.

Jetstar has given little indication of whether it proposes any changes to the Enterprise Agreement. Being drip fed information makes it difficult to understand the total impact of any changes.

The Airline did provide a financial briefing to the union negotiating team. Jetstar agreed to provide another briefing in September which would reflect a more recent company position. Disappointingly, the airline confirmed that the Qantas Group pay policy means Jetstar would impose on pay freeze on you for 2022 and 2023. Our view is that any pay freeze is unacceptable and demonstrates a lack of respect for all your efforts. We are also concerned that a pay freeze will put in jeopardy any proposed Enterprise Agreement passing the important ‘better off overall test’ that the Fair Work Commission must consider. 

What is the impact of the Fair Work Commission decision to lift Award wages? 

The Fair Work Commission has issued a 4.6% pay increase for all Award pay levels, subject to the minimum increase of $40 per week. It means award wages above $869.60 per week will increase by 4.6%, and award rates below $869.60 will increase by $40 per week. For aviation workers, the increase will apply from 1 October 2022.

An award sets out the legal minimum wage that any employer can pay across the industry as a whole. You are covered by the ASU/ Jetstar Enterprise Agreement 2018 that the USU/ASU negotiates. When we negotiate enterprise agreements, it sets a new legal minimum wage for the working conditions at that workplace.

If your enterprise agreement rate falls below the award rate, we will enforce that Jetstar tops up your salary to reflect the new standard. For most workers, the Awards increase won’t have an impact because you are already paid above the Award. Generally speaking, the increase means employers will face upward pressure on wages to retain and attract workers.

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