Council Management says 50% of council work is not for Council workers.

Let’s say that a little louder for those up the back

Council Management say 50% of council work is not for Council workers.

As the dawn broke on 6 July USU officials were out in force at @Sutherland Shire Council, advocating to keep council jobs for council workers. Pictured above: The blitz continues. Acting Manager Southern Rudi Oppitz was joined by officials from across the state – what impacts one of us impacts all of us!

Is it any wonder why our members question Council’s commitment to career progression, step increases, filling vacant positions and their claims that they value their employees.

Can you count how many times your management have come to you and asked you your thoughts of how work could be done without it going out to contract?

How many times has your management suggested that you and your team prepare a report on the costs and benefits, if the work was carried out by Council Staff?

It seems to be easier for Management to just contract out the work, and to hell with what staff think or the cost to rate payers.

Our members are saying they want to do the work and not have it contracted out. Members understand larger projects may need some contract work. They also understand that Council receives special funding for flooding and other weather events, and that work may at times go out to contract.

Under no circumstances should work like mowing, cleaning, maintenance, footpaths, light construction ever be contracted out.