The USU/ASU Jetstar National Negotiating team (NNT) met with management representatives for our 4th EBA negotiation meeting on 13th November. It is still early days but time to get serious and put an effort into trying to resolve some of the key issues.

Your NNT heard company feedback and discussed what will be of benefit to USU/ASU members. We know that consultation, rostering and hours for part timers, information about work changes, the wage increase, leave and protecting your current conditions are very important.

Jetstar have mostly responded favourably to the USU/ASU Claim and now it is time to see whether Jetstar’s sympathies for many of the main issues will be followed through with beneficial terms for your next agreement.

Not so super

We also took the opportunity at our meeting to talk to the company about payment of superannuation on periods of unpaid and paid parental leave. The USU/ASU claim is only seeking payment for the paid component of your leave as well as an increase in the number of weeks’ leave from 12 to 14 weeks.

In response to overwhelming feedback from USU/ASU members across industries and occupations, the USU/ASU has committed to improving superannuation outcomes for women throughout Australia.

More information about the issue and what we are doing to ensure Super continues to be relevant:

What’s next?

The NNT team will now spend some time drafting terms for your agreement to be shared with the company who will come back with a position that will enable us to finalise a new agreement as soon as possible. Our next meeting will be scheduled on a date to be determined in early December.

Need more information?

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