Wollongong City Council’s Enterprise Agreement negotiations are officially underway.

Kicking off with a mass member meeting on 28 February where the combined union Log of Claims (LOC) was endorsed, we are now in the early negotiation stages with council.

Almost 500 of our members turned up at the meeting held at Wollongong’s Town Hall to have their say in their EA. Before the LOC was put to a vote, a Q&A session was held with the combined union EA negotiation team.

Wollongong City Council have had their own Enterprise Agreement for decades. The working conditions set out in their EA are still considered some of the best in the Australian local government industry. Maintaining and improving these excellent conditions wouldn’t be possible without our very effective delegates and high union membership throughout council.

The negotiation period is expected to last about 3 months.

Once negotiations have finished, a draft agreement will be drawn up and voted on by members.

Throughout the process, our Wollongong council members are kept informed and mass meetings will be called when needed. We are our members’ voice at the bargaining table, so it is important to us that they are kept informed and encouraged to participate.

The EA negotiation team is made up of our hardworking Wollongong council delegates Max Dawson, Narelle Constable, Pete O’Connor, Mig Arellano, Tim Manning and Justin Jones alongside their organiser Aarron Vann and representatives from the two other unions who are party to the EA – LGEA and DEPA.