For over a decade USU members played a crucial role in the campaign for paid family and domestic violence leave.

As part of a large national union, members built paid family violence leave into the NSW Local Government (State) Award, collective agreements, and modern awards and in October 2022 into the National Employment Standards.

This was only possible because union members stood up and demanded change.

More recently, members of the USU Women’s Committee spent the day with us further learning about domestic violence and the ways we can help as we packed tote bags at the Escabags warehouse.

USU partnered with Escabags in September 2023 after founder and CEO, Stacey Jane shared her horrific story of domestic violence at the USU Women’s Conference.

Escabags are simple tote bags, sewn by volunteers and left in select businesses for those in need to collect without any explanation.

We are proud to share, as of 1st May 2024, Escabags will be stocked at USU Head Office in Sydney, Wollongong, and Rutherford.