Over the last 18 months you have worked hard! You have met with our organisers, learnt about our campaign to bring you better conditions and recognition and shared this vital information with your fellow educators.

On the 27th February 2024 the USU met with the Early Childhood Education and Care working group. This working group is comprised of ECEC members from almost every council in Sydney. These members are in diverse roles including Directors, Teachers, Diploma staff, Aides, Managers & OOSH.

The working group reviewed our draft ECEC Award schedule. A Schedule is a document that, if accepted, would form part of the NSW Local Government (State) Award 2023. This would see your negotiated conditions becoming entitlements that must be adhered to by your employer.

The main points are

  1. Additional Sick Leave
  2. Mandated Programming Time
  3. Allowance for Nominated Supervisor
  4. Allowance for Educational Leader

You can view the draft ECEC Award Schedule here.

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ITS IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT ONLY USU MEMBERS WILL BE GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY TO VOTE ON THE DRAFT SCHEDULE. If fellow educators are not members, please encourage them to join so that their voice can also be heard!