Without the Union I don’t believe this would have been sorted for my team and peers- I would have been one voice that was easy to ignore.
I have worked in the IT division for some time, and I realised when I was participating in OnCall activities there was an issue with the OnCall leave allowance.
When I followed up, I was initially told that because I wasn’t on a registered roster with HR, I wasn’t able to receive EA entitlements for being OnCall each week. I went to my colleagues in IT, and they were experiencing the same issue. With no action from management to resolve the issue.
Mel was fantastic straight off the bat. She took over the issue for me and processed it through to completion. She also provided updates along the journey with HR.
As a result of the USU’s advocacy, we are now receiving the correct leave allowance, and even received backpay in entitlements.
This collaboration has significantly improved our management’s understanding of how OnCall works for us, fostering a fairer environment for employees.
USU Member Trevor
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