Members have advised the USU that HCF management is advising employees that ‘some of the information’ contained in the USU notice dated 27 June 2108 is factually incorrect.

If an employee of HCF makes this statement, or one like it, ask them to clarify which part of the information is incorrect AND to provide the correct information, at the time.

HCF has a vested interest in having their offer and draft agreement accepted. The majority of changes are a positive effect for HCF and a negative one for employees.

A copy of the HCF offer can be downloaded here.

You can clearly see the information is mirrored in the notice from the USU on 27/06/2018.

Why is HCF claiming the USU information is incorrect?
Why has HCF not provided clarifying information?
Why is HCF trying to limit an employee’s right to association?

Because it is not in HCF’s interest for you to understand how the new agreement will negatively impact your life, at home and at work.

The USU has written to HCF on this matter and expects a response by COB Friday 29/06/2018. We will keep you updated as information becomes available.

As a side note, the USU received an email from HCF yesterday which said the draft agreement would be put to vote however a date was not provided. The USU is yet to see a copy of the agreement; we are unable to verify that the draft reflects the offer.

Please contact your organiser EMILY CALLACHOR with any questions or queries you have on this agreement – Phone: 0427 420924 – Email: