The USU understands that HCF management have held meetings with employees this week outlining the EA terms with an emphasis on current employees being safe under the proposed EA conditions.


If there is just one item you don’t agree with, you need to vote NO to the package. We can then work with HCF towards a better deal for all EA employees.

The Bribe (Remuneration)
1. Clause 11 will be a 2.5% base wage increase effective 1 July 2018, 2019, 2020.
2. Increase to allowances: Meal $15.63 to $16.72; further meal $12.85 to $13.74 and First Aid $14.07 to $15.41.
3. First payment effective 1 July 2018 to be paid in the pay period of 8 August 2018, assuming a YES vote on this draft EA.

The Condition
1. You will only receive this pay increase if you have received two consecutive performance appraisals that allow you to step up in your grade.
2. There is no performance management policy; and progression through the Grades and Steps “is at the discretion of the employee’s manager” – confirmed by Kalli Rezitis, Senior Business Partner on 4 June 2018.
3. Supposedly, HCF has a meeting scheduled for 20 July 2018 for all team leaders and managers to review their employee’s scores and adjust if needed, to ensure consistencies in the marking.
4. Past practice says that if you receive a score of less than a three (3) you have not demonstrated a high enough level of performance. If you get two consecutive annual reviews like this, you will not receive the increase.

The Lie
HCF will claim that “back pay” can only be paid if this particular EA is accepted. That is not true. HCF can “back pay” any amount, at any time – it is bribe for you to accept this terrible offer.

Vote no.

Annual Leave Loading
The leave loading currently applicable to all employees covered by the EA 17.5% will not be paid to any new EA employees.

Current employees will retain this benefit, so long as you continuously remain in an EA covered position.
This will create a class divide within HCF. Ironically, Peter Schofield used this phrase as a reason to knock back a couple of our claims i.e. Personal leave accrual based on length of service and increasing EA employees super. Only when it suits HCF.

Ordinary Hours Of Work
Clause 5 will now say ‘Monday to Sunday 7am to 9am inclusive’ with a penalty rate of 150% for all hours worked on a Saturday and 200% for all hours worked on a Sunday.

This will apply to all “non-direct unit” employees i.e. Branches, Claims, and Administration etc.

HCF says this is only for Branches initially however, over the course of the agreement it may be applied to other areas of the business i.e. Claims, Administration etc. A likelihood considering past conversations in the Sydney Office.

Say SEE YA LATER to overtime rates for Saturday afternoon.

Vote no.

Model Consultation Clause
Clause 28, the unfair Fair Work Clause that limits when HCF is required to Consult with employees, and on what topics.

Why doesn’t HCF want to consult YOU on any matter which significantly effects your employment?

(one of) HCF’s Bargaining Representative Peter Schofield said a number of times through negotiation meetings that the Fair Work Commission/Act is the “umpires’ decision”. The same “umpire” that is not allowed to make a final decision on ANY matter for EA employees at HCF.

Vote no.

Grievance Procedure
If you are unhappy with a decision that HCF has made regarding ANY THING to do with your employment (outside of the EA & NES), you have no right of reply.

You know all the policies available on the Policy Hub? You have no say in how they are implemented (or consulted) or how you will be effected.

Even the Fair Work Commission cannot intervene to make a decision. Instead, it will be up to HCF to decide the outcome. HCF have appointed themselves to be your “umpire”.

Not fair, right? Vote no.

You’ll have all of these conditions for a long three year term.

Personal/Carers Leave
Clause 20.1 will have simplified wording, no overall effect to the meaning.

Clause 20.3 will specify an updated definition of spouse to include ‘former’ spouses.

Clause 20.6 will say that you need to apply for personal leave on the day on which you return to work (unless exceptional circumstances apply). This is not too bad, the current clause asks for this to be done within 7 days, however exceptional circumstances should allow for any irregularities.

Travel Expenses – Clause 15 updated so that additional travel time is paid for time travelled (minus your ordinary trip to/from work) at your base rate of pay.

Junior Rates – in Schedule A, table removed. This is massive benefit to the approximate 6 affected employees.

Family And Friends Day – Clause 22 will now be an extra day for all EA staff; regional and interstate staff will no longer have to use their F&F days on a local gazetted holiday.

Domestic Violence Leave – Clause 21 will be updated to reflect that the 10 days are in addition to your existing leave entitlements.

Position Titles – Clause 1.1 will have an updated list of position titles, no overall effect to the meaning.

Annual Leave – Clause 18.1 will be updated to say that accrual is ‘based on ordinary hours’, no overall effect to the meaning.

If there is just one item you don’t agree with, you need to vote NO to the package. We can then work with HCF towards a better deal for all EA employees.

Throughout negotiations, the USU was seeking to strengthen your conditions and get a decent pay increase. It was clear from the beginning that HCF was not on our wavelength, this offer is an accurate representation of HCF’s attitude to your employment conditions.

  • Unfair wage increase
  • No right to be consulted on significant workplace changes
  • No right for the Fair Work Commission to make a final decision on any matter
  • Change to ordinary hours for all employees (other than those currently on a rotating roster)
  • Dividing employees with annual leave loading
  • All of this in place for three years
YOUR USU NEGOTIATING TEAM. From the left: Nadasha Tuwhakaraina, Rebekah Tong, Glynnis Ferret & Emma Bonanno.

YOUR USU NEGOTIATING TEAM. From the left: Nadasha Tuwhakaraina, Rebekah Tong, Glynnis Ferret & Emma Bonanno.

Please contact USU Official EMILY CALLACHOR with any questions or queries you have on this agreement – Phone: 0427 420 924 – Email: