HCF UpdateFurther to the USU notice on 29 May 2018, the USU has met with HCF for the fourth time on Wednesday 29 May 2018, where discussion took place on the following items:

HCF Log of Claims

  1. Annual leave loading (clause 18)

To remove annual leave loading (17.5%) for all employees engaged throughout the duration of the proposed EA, and for current EA employees to retain the leave loading.  The USU did not agree to this proposal. 

Whilst the Award for Better Off Overall Test (BOOT) does not form part of negotiations, the USU is awaiting confirmation from HCF, which Award in their opinion would apply to the BOOT so that legalities around payment of annual leave loading can be verified. 

The BOOT is explained in s193 of the Fair Work Act 2009.

  1. Training & development (clause 31)

To remove the requirement for HCF to train employees, instead that training may be available and that HCF may reimbursement staff for the costs.  This appears to be a simple change by HCF however the wording restricts an excellent entitlement.  The USU did not agree to this on 24/05/2018.  HCF advised on Wednesday 29/05/2018 that they intended to remove this item from their log of claims. 

  1. Consultation (clause 28)

To use the Fair Work Model clause.  The USU is of the opinion that the model clause is not in the best interests of employees.  Some discussion took place on the model clause, the USU and bargaining representatives pointed out the difference between the model clause and the USU proposed clause, which included:

Model Clause

USU proposed draft

A definite decision has been made to introduce a major change, the employer will notify employees

Employer decides to make a change and the employer must notify employees that may be affected by the proposed changes

No time frame for consultation period

Within three working days of consultation commencing, a consultation timeframe will be agreed to

Employer to notify employee and employee to notify their representative and then advise the employer who the representative is

Employer to notify employees and union


USU Log of Claims

  1. Employee Assistant Program (EAP)

The USU is proposing that access to an EAP be enshrined in the EA.  HCF did not agree with this proposal, explaining that EA employees currently have access to the EAP, with three complimentary sessions provided in a Policy.  Please contact HCF for a copy of the policy. 

  1. Time in lieu

The USU is proposing that EA employees be able to take time off in lieu (TOIL) instead of paid overtime (OT), by agreement for small amounts of time where OT is not paid i.ie. Less than 15 minutes at a time.  HCF did not agree with this proposal.

  1. Superannuation

The USU is proposing an increase from 9.5% to 10+%, or any incremental increase from 9.6%.  HCF did not agree with this proposal.  HCF believes that to pay a higher superannuation to EA employees would create a class divide between employees.  HCF did confirm that suppuration is paid on the base rate and shift loading, which is good to know.  HCF also advised that for the first 12 months of unpaid parental leave that superannuation of 9.5% would be paid to the employee/carer.  NB: HCF is adhering the Superannuation Guarantee for value of superannuation that is payable, which is currently at 9.5%.

  1. Separate rates of pay for Call Centres employees

The USU is proposing that for “Direct Unit” employees on a rotating roster that the shift loading is rolled into the base rate of pay.  HCF did not agree with this proposal. 

We will keep members updated with the EA as it progresses.  The next bargaining meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 6 June 2018. 

If you have any questions, please contact your USU bargaining representative(s):

Emma Bonanno


Glynnis Ferrett


Nadasha Tuwhakaraina


Rebekah Tong




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