Following a second vote on the Enterprise Agreement in August 2018, HCF employees have a new agreement to be approved by the Fair Work Commission in the coming months.

Out of a potential 414 eligible votes, 352 ballots were counted. Of the total number of voters, 68.75% voted for the Agreement and 31.25% voted against the Agreement.

To recap:
Clause 11 will be a 2.5% base wage increase effective 1 July 2018, 2019, 2020.

You will only receive this pay increase if you have received two consecutive performance appraisals that allow you to step up in your grade.

There is no performance management policy; and progression through the Grades and Steps “is at the discretion of the employee’s manager” – confirmed by HCF Senior Business Partner on 4 June 2018.

Past practice says that if you receive a score of less than a three (3) you have not demonstrated a high enough level of performance. If you get two consecutive annual reviews like this, you will not receive the increase.

• Increase to allowances: Meal $15.63 to $16.72; further meal $12.85 to $13.74 and First Aid $14.07 to $15.41.
• Annual Leave loading of 17.5% will not be paid to new employees.
• Change to ordinary hours for all “non-direct unit” employees i.e. Branches, Claims, and Administration etc.

Clause 29, the unfair Fair Work Clause that limits when HCF is required to Consult with employees, and on what topics.

Clause 27, a grievance procedure which prevents you raising a grievance on any workplace matter, and that prevents external arbitration or determination.

All of this until 2021.