The United Services Union has taken decisive action against a proposed plan by Hilltops Council management which would have seen jobs slashed and wages frozen.

The plan to dismiss up to 30% of its staff, freeze wages and sell off plant and equipment and look to use contract labour was to be put to Hilltops Council on Wednesday 27th October.

In an appalling breach of the NSW Local Government (State) Award the union received no notice of the Council’s intentions.

The USU intervened immediately and took the Council to the NSW Industrial Relations Commission.

The Commission issued a recommendation that all proposed actions by Council be STOPPED. Council has been ordered into urgent talks with the Union which will take place on Wednesday 27 October. Further, the Commission remains ready to hear the case urgently if discussions fail.

USU General Secretary Graeme Kelly OAM will be taking part in these discussions with the General Manager tomorrow along with the USU Regional Manager Gary Vann and Industrial Officer Stuart Geddes.

We will advise members of the results of these talks and will take further action if needed.

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