The USU was before the New South Wales Industrial Relations Commission with a matter against Central Coast Council on 18 August 2020.

Central to this dispute was the issue of Council Bosses not meeting with members who put in a grievance instead they write poor responses advising that the grievance “is now resolved”.

This is certainly not good enough and every member has a right to a meeting with their supervisor or other authorised person within two days when they submit a grievance. Our members are also entitled and it is their right to have Union Representation if they so choose.

Supervisors have a legal obligation to meet within two days, this is not discretionary on the part of Council.

“The Commission made it extremely clear that the Central Coast Council had an obligation to adhere to the LG(S)A and they do not have an unfettered right to opt out of any provision as it sees fit. The Award is there to be adhered to,” said Northern Industrial Officer Noel Martin.

No longer can Council Bosses hide behind pen and paper.

The Local Government (State) Award 2020 Clause 36 Grievance and Dispute Procedures (extract)

  1. At any stage of the procedure, the employee(s) may be represented by their union or its local representative/delegate and the employer represented by the Association.
  2. A grievance or dispute shall be dealt with as follows:
    1. The employee(s) shall notify the supervisor, or other authorised officers of any grievance or dispute and the remedy sought, in writing.
    2. A meeting shall be held between the employee(s) and the supervisor to discuss the grievance or dispute and the remedy sought within two working days of notification.
    3. If the matter remains unresolved, the employee(s) may request the matter be referred to the head of the department or other authorised officer for discussion. A further meeting shall be held as soon as practicable.
    4. If the matter remains unresolved, the general manager shall provide the employee(s) with a written response. The response shall include the reasons for not implementing any proposed remedy.
    5. Where the matter remains unresolved, it may be referred to the employee’s union representative and by the general manager or other authorised officer to the Association for further discussion.

To see the full Award clause please see:

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