The USU recently updated you regarding the Talent Acquisition Dispute whereby all employees in deemed Critical Roles are now required to undergo Police and Terrorism checks every three years.

The USU notified a dispute with TransGrid following numerous concerns raised to the union from members regarding issues with privacy, security of personal information and concerns regarding employment security due to changes made in the policy without proper consultation.

The USU made numerous attempts to arrange meetings with Management regarding the dispute and finally notified the Fair Work Commission to have the matter listed for resolution.

Upon the matter being listed, TransGrid Management finally contacted the union to meet in an attempt to work through the issues. The union agreed to meet and a meeting was set down for the 14th August.

As a result of that meeting, a number of undertakings were agreed upon and the parties agreed to one month to sort through the issues and bring the matters to a close. The first meeting to report back on progression of the outstanding items is on Monday 24th August.

The USU notified the Fair Work Commission to place the matter on hold to allow the parties to work through the issues. The Commission agreed to this request and placed the matter on hold for one month. This means that we can relist the matter at any time if the negotiations break down or after one month if we still have not reached a consensus on the outstanding issues.

The Union will continue to keep you informed on this important matter once we work through all of the outstanding issues. The USU is committed to resolving this important issue.

Your input is always welcomed and if you would like to inform us of anything in relation to this matter please send through your information to your Officials Melissa Pond or Troy Dunne or your delegates listed below.

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