Qantas staff have voted overwhelmingly to endorse the EBA 11 deal negotiated and recommended by the USU/ASU’s Qantas National Negotiating Team.

The external company conducting the ballot, Elections Australia Pty Ltd today declared that EBA 11 has been approved by the majority of staff who voted. 93.6% of staff who voted in the ballot voted in favour of the Agreement making EBA 11 one of the strongest supported USU/ASU EBAs negotiated.

This is not surprising as the EBA contains some ground breaking new provisions never before available at Qantas like family violence leave and additional paid parental leave available to be put into superannuation. We also achieved job security provisions, part time to full time conversions at airports and a better deal for the Senior Professional Group and part timers and much much more.

This EBA is a credit to the hard work of the USU/ASU national negotiating team and USU/ASU members who pursued some innovative claims that will no doubt eventually benefit all staff at Qantas. This continues a proud USU/ASU tradition of fighting for and achieving industry leading conditions like paid parental leave, jobshare, flexible work arrangements and enhanced staff travel.

What next?
Qantas and the USU/ASU are currently finalising all the documentation to be lodged with Fair Work Commission. Once the Fair Work Commission approves the agreement, EBA 11 commences. This should be completed shortly

When do I get my bonus pay?
Once the EBA has been approved by the Fair Work Commission the Qantas pay office will be authorised to make the bonus payments. The precise timing of the payment of the bonuses is dependent on the Fair Work Commission processes which are out of our hands. When we know what is happening we will make sure you know.

Join the USU/ASU
If you are not an USU/ASU member now is the time to join so you can have a say about the EBA and be represented by our team. You can join on line at

Need more information?
Contact your local USU/ASU organiser Nick Herbert on 0419 761 320 for more information.