The USU/ASU, ALAEA and Individual Bargaining Representatives met as a Bargaining Committee with Emirates on Thursday 6th and Friday 7th October, to continue negotiations for the next Emirates Agreement.

Emirates Claims

At the meeting Emirates management presented their claims to the Committee and provided some additional information to all representatives present. The USU/ASU reps outlined our likely claims which are listed below. The ALAEA also outlined their members’ claims and provided some additional information on a Log of Claims previously served on Emirates.

The Emirates claims include:

  • Wage increase of 1% each year for the nominal term of the Agreement
  • Reduction of the annual percentage rates of the merit bonus scheme
  • Reduction in redundancy entitlements
  • Proposal to reform ability to accrue 5 weeks Annual leave for Shift Work arrangements
  • Changes to the Long Service Leave accrual

The Bargaining Committee discussed Emirates proposals at length. However, whilst the meeting was productive the participation of some Individual Bargaining Representatives prevented the whole group from reaching agreement on a joint Log of Claims. The USU/ASU will be presenting members’ preferred log of claims at the next meeting.

What next? 

The Committee is scheduled to meet again on Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th October 2016. In the intervening week, the USU/ASU will seek feedback from members before serving Emirates with an USU/ASU Log of Claims.

USU/ASU Statement of Principles  

The USU/ASU will be seeking members’ endorsement of the USU/ASU Log of Claims:

USU/ASU log of claims

Fairness and security at work

  1. Maintain in Emirates Enterprise Agreement 2016, all existing conditions from 2014unless improved
  2. Ensure that all conditions in Agreement 2016 are the same or better than the clauses in the Airline Operations – Ground Staff Award 2010 and the National Employment Standards
  3. Increase Redundancy Entitlements
  4. Include in the Agreement a classification structure that ensures jobs are properly classified in accordance with the skills required to perform the work; ensure consistency of classifications with other locations; and, examine the way in which long serving staff can be rewarded
  5. Improve staff and union consultation provisions
  6. Ensure staff can utilise their breaks
  7. Implement changes that ensure Personal Leave accrual and balances are shown on pay slips

Fair Pay Outcome

  1. 4% per annum wage increase
  2. Review the merit bonus pool and change the variable merit bonus scheme
  3. Increase Agreement allowances by CPI or the wage increase; whichever is the higher and increase the minimum rate paid for the mileage allowance
  4. Increase the amount payable at the maximum of the salary scale
  5. Increase the company superannuation contribution

Union Rights and Renegotiation

  1. Provide access to paid Union training for Union Delegates and include a trade union rights clause in the Agreement
  2. Provide for the commencement of renegotiation of the next Agreement, 6 months before the nominal expiry date

If you want further information contact your local organiser:

  Nick Herbert   0419 761 320