The USU/ASU and bargaining representatives met with Emirates again this week. To date there has been 5 meetings since mid-September 2016.

The bargaining team, made up of Unions and bargaining representatives are extremely unhappy with Emirates delays in responding to our key claims and have stated this.

Additionally Emirates are still pushing forward with their claims that if agreed would result in significant losses for a large number of Emirates employees.

Emirates management need to stop their attack on your working conditions and take your claims seriously. 

What happened so far?    
On Tuesday 6th December, your bargaining team held further negotiations with company representatives.

Emirates have proposed withholding a wage increase for the next 3 to 4 years for many employees at the top of their pay scale.

Emirates also stand by their proposals to reduce the wages and conditions of the EBA and:

•    Take away the 5th week of Annual Leave for many Shift Workers.
•    Stop paying Annual Leave Loading for some employees.
•    Change the rate at which Long Service Leave is accrued.
•    Remove the entitlement to Annual Leave Loading for some employees.
•    Remove the ability to access some allowances, such as the Off-peak Travel Allowance.

On the positive side, Emirates have claimed that they are looking at potentially making some improvements to the consultative provisions of the Redundancy clause however they have not provided any detail or in fact received approval from Dubai.

Unions & bargaining reps revise our position    
The bargaining team have revised our joint position on many items and have advised Emirates of the claims that we would drop, and the claims from Emirates that we could consider, subject to Emirates withdrawing some of their claims to strip away conditions and there being an acceptable overall deal.

Emirates refuses to withdraw any claims    
Emirates unwillingness to reconsider dropping proposals that would significantly reduce your terms and conditions of employment is holding up bargaining.

Emirates also continue to delay their responses to our claims that would improve staff access to Higher Duties payments and ensure entitlements such as enhanced Superannuation payments, Redundancy and Dispute Settlement Procedures become conditions of employment under the Agreement.

The bargaining team believe too much is at stake for Emirates employees to reach an Agreement now and staff should support their reps by making it clear to Emirates that they stop their attack on your conditions and make an equitable, fair and reasonable proposal that staff can accept. 

What’s next?    
The USU/ASU and bargaining representatives will keep you informed about the progress of our claims after the next round of meetings.

Due to management travel arrangements, the next EBA meeting with Emirates is likely to be February 2017.Bargaining representatives expect to be able to meet earlier in January if Emirates stick to their commitment to provide a more detailed response to some of our claims, they have said that they’ll provide this within the next 2 weeks. 

What can you do?    
•    Make sure you commit to the EBA campaign. See your local delegate, representative or Union Organiser.
•    Make sure that your current contact details are up to date with the USU/ASU. Contact your USU/ASU Organiser.
•    If you are not an USU/ASU member – now is the time to join – you can do this on line at

If you want more information contact your local USU/ASU delegate or Organiser Nick Herbert 0149 761 320