Your USU/ ASU national negotiating team  met  with  REX  management  on  29th March 2017. This meeting  was the second in a series of meetings  to be held with REX in order to progress negotiations for the  new  Enterprise Agreement.

The next bargaining meeting will be on 11th April 2017 from 10.30am to 1.00pm at Mascot.

Meeting Outcomes
The USU/ASU clarified and reiterated its position regarding the contents of, and various items  contained   within, its log of claims, and agreed it would continue with preparation of documents in  support of various clauses sought within the log of claims.

During the meeting, REX management provided some preliminary commentary on the USU/ASU’s log of claims however REX is yet to provide a formal view of its current position.

The USU/ASU repeated its commitment to ensuring that all existing conditions within the current were maintained, or else improved. REX management agreed to give further, more detailed consideration to the USU/ASU’s claims, particularly in regard to, including but not limited to, the introduction of a transparent framework for managing annual and personal leave; the publication of classification descriptors within the Agreement; to the  USU/ASU’s  proposal about   including  the  ACTU’s  model  clause on family violence  leave;  the  pay  rise claim;  and  the  superannuation claim.

REX advised it would be providing a formal response, however it was also seeking the views of the individual bargaining representatives. REX management requires those views to be provided by 4 April 2017.

Shortly after that date, the USU/ASU expects  to  receive a formal response from REX management regarding the USU/ASU log of claims.

What are the Next Steps?
Once  more  details  about  REX’s  position become  available,  we  will  be  holding  USU/  ASU  members   meetings in the future to keep members updated on progress of the negotiations.

Make sure you watch for upcoming details.

Need more information?
For more information, please get in touch with your USU/ASU Organiser Nick Herbert.

We encourage all members to come and speak with Your USU/ASU Organise Nick Herbert to fully understand the negotiation process.

Any questions please feel free to contact Nick on 0419 761 320 or email