The USU would like to advise our members at Regional Express that your new EBA has been approved by Fair Work and and took effect as of Friday 3rd May 2019.

There are a raft of improvements to this new EBA that staff should have an understanding of to ensure they know their rights and entitlements in the workplace. Some of the changes implemented that were negotiated in the EBA are:

✔ Annual wage increases of a minimum 2.5% up to 3.0% indexed to CPI
✔ Probation reviews changes from 2, 4 & 6 months to 3 & 6 months
✔ Recognition of service and experience through the inclusion of senior roles for eligible contact centre and customer service officers
✔ Shift giveaways of 1 per fortnight for Sydney Airport staff, as per previous memo

The union would like to thank your dedicated bargaining representatives who fought throughout the process to get the best deal possible for their colleagues. Without these reps spending some of their own time on these issues and gaining feedback we wouldn’t be able to achieve such results so please thank them if you get the chance.

In order to maintain and increase your wages and conditions heading into the future it is more important than ever to be a member of your union. The USU is here to advance your conditions and ensure a fair playing field for everyone employed under our coverage. If you aren’t a member already you can find a membership form on the flip side of this notice or visit