At the Council meeting on 21 July 2021, Cumberland City Council voted to keep Children’s Services in house.

For over 12 months, USU members from Cumberland Council have been campaigning to keep Childcare Services in house. Council has called for tenders twice, and neither time did they satisfy the requirements.

A working group including the USU, Councillors, USU members and management have been working for the last seven months on ways to make the service financially viable.

On 21 July, Cumberland Council finally voted to keep the services in house.

We thank everyone in the working group, our members, Councillors, and the local community for helping to deliver this great outcome.

But mostly, we thank our members who have worked as hard and as diligently as ever. You are the embodiment of what it means to be Union. You have stuck together and supported each other. We salute your strength.

There will still be change ahead. However, it will be consulted upon and will help deliver ongoing security for our members and the families you support. The USU will support and represent our members through any workplace change process.

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