Your Union has sent an urgent letter to the General Manager to formalise our concerns with the proposed major restructure.

The Union has concerns with:

  • The lack of consultation on these proposed changes.
  • The lack of detailed information being provided to the Union and our members.
  • The lack of input from our members before this draft structure was proposed, to form a genuine restructure.
  • The consultation timeframes being proposed for our members and your Union to provide genuine feedback and input on these proposed significant changes.

The Union’s letter sets our demands for additional information to be provided urgently to address the above concerns, as well as voicing important questions being asked by our affected members.

Need for paid Union meetings:
The Union has requested paid time Union meetings with each affected department to discuss the restructure with you and your team, as should always occur in any workplace change restructure at Council.

The Union will continue to advocate on behalf of our members in this uncertain and difficult time and will work tirelessly to ensure this restructure works for our members and their needs.

If you have any feedback or concerns about the proposed restructure, you can contact your workplace delegates or your Organiser Zoe via

If you are not currently a member of the USU why not join! Zoe would be happy to discuss this with you over the phone or you can join online at