After meeting number 18 was conducted on February 18, we provided you with an update as to the progress of negotiations to replace your Enterprise Agreement.

After meeting number 20 was held last Thursday (4/3) we write to provide a further update on progress over the weeks since, by way of a comprehensive overview on where we stand with the items contained in the combined union Log of Claims.

Firstly, though, you may recall that the USU had verbally proposed an amendment to compassionate leave whereby an employee would be entitled to 4 days leave in the event that an immediate family member as defined by the Agreement and resides in your domestic dwelling was to pass away. We advise that Ausgrid accepted this claim at last Thursday’s meeting.

Furthermore, Ausgrid are still considering the claim to increase allowances payable to those working early shift, afternoon and night shifts.

See below for a comprehensive overview of our positions relating to the Log of Claims. We welcome your feedback.

Troy Dunne – Sydney Metro Ausgrid 0419 403 076 /
Paul Sansom – Newcastle & Hunter Ausgrid 0409 076 633 /

Summary of Combined Log of Claims

Section 1 – Claims Dropped





Superannuation on workers compensation



Personal information privacy concerns

Ausgrid – Consult on Policy – April


Control room annualised salaries



PM&S eligible for Ausgrid day



Ausgrid employee name to be renamed



Annual structured training to contribute to Ausgrid’s culture



Working from home

Ausgrid – Consult on policy – Timing TBC


Partial private use of vehicles



Definition of RDO & scheduled days off

Unions – Clarity on wording


PM&S staff offered one off increase equivalent to average OT



Family friendly work provisions

Note: Previously notified as supporting

claim only


Shiftworker retirement

Note: Previously notified as supporting

claim only


Section 2 – Claims on hold




Actions – Ausgrid


Increased Engineers allowance

Unions – Pending Regulation timing and relevance


Sick leave occasions

Unions – Going back to members



Ausgrid Information to be provided


RDOs instead of Stand down

Unions – Going back to members


Increase to special leave days

PSA to come back


Chronic Illness leave

PSA to come back


Meal breaks for shift workers

Awaiting response


Section 3 – Claims awaiting Ausgrid response





Increase to compassionate leave


Increase to compassionate leave


Increase to allowances


Overtime clause


Defined benefits


Section 4 – Claims awaiting Combined union response





Carryover of disputes


Section 5 – Claims that continue to be part of Log (in addition to Section 3 & 4)





Job security / reduction of caps


Fair pay increase


No loss of conditions

#4 & #40

Overhaul CCR


Apprentice intake

#6 & #38

Limit outsourcing and contracting out


Superannuation differential




Payment for Ill health retirement


New classifications


Section 6 – Claims accepted





Paid time for shift changeovers


PM&S overtime – extended weather events


Part time employees – redundancy pay


LSL no direction


Novated leases


Superannuation on parental leave


Professional indemnity insurance


Redundancy – Early acceptance 8 week payment


Electronic news


Remove fortnightly pay clause


Note: In addition to the above accepted claims there are other items that have been proposed by Ausgrid to address feedback.