Morrison Government turns its back on airlines workersThis morning the Federal Government announced its aviation industry support package and in doing so turned its back on thousands of airline workers across Australia. The Government has announced it will not be extending JobKeeper, even in the industries that have been hit the hardest by the pandemic like airlines and tourism.

You are the workers who have carried Australia and your airlines through this pandemic – and this is a disgraceful way for the Government to say “thank you” for your service.

We aren’t giving up the fight. Airlines need skilled and experienced workers as they rebuild – that means they need you and your colleagues.

The USU/ASU is today demanding that every airline confirms that the taxpayer money they receive will go to their workers, and will be used to keep workers employed.

We are demanding that the Federal Government extends JobKeeper or provides ongoing support to workers that keeps you connected to your employer, so that when Australia is ready to fly again, our experienced and skilled airlines workers are too.

We will keep you informed with developments as they arise – keep your eyes out for further updates and upcoming member meetings.

We are by your side every step of the way.

Don’t forget this fight isn’t over. Can you email the PM now asking him to support airlines workers and extend JobKeeper?