Qantas bulletin

Members continue to report serious issues with Airport rosters, including, in many instances, breaches of your entitlements under the Qantas 11 EA (Enterprise Agreement). You’ve told us you had had enough of late notice changes, fatiguing shift patterns, and the inability to plan your life outside of work. We’ve heard you loud and clear, and now we need to make sure Qantas hears the same.  

Throughout the pandemic, your union has been in constant dialogue with management regarding rosters, and as we return to a sense of COVID normal, we’re calling on Qantas to restore our long-held rostering practices.

Your entitlements are protected under our Agreement, and no breaches are acceptable. If you are experiencing any of the below issues, please contact your ACEM and union representative ASAP:

  • Roster changes within 48 hours of shifts: changes within 48 hours of your shift can only be made through mutual agreement. This means you can say no to the shift change. If you say no and the company still proceeds with the change, the shift will be paid at double time;
  • Breaks between shifts: you must have at least 10 hours (12 hours Perth) break between shifts. If you do not have a 10-hour break between shifts, you must be paid overtime rates until you’re released from duty and have a 10-hour break before resuming work;
  • Minimum of 20 hours per week rostered for part-time staff (Qantas does not use averaged hours over an extended period); and
  • Shift workers shall not work more than six shifts in any seven days.

We will continue to push Qantas on a return to pre-COVID roster processes, including:

  • Rosters to be released four weeks in advance;
  • Eliminating extreme shift changes and changes to start/finish times within seven days;
  • Restoring local Roster Committees; and
  • Ensuring the equitable and transparent allocation of leave & DILs.

Ask your colleagues to join the USU at

If you have any queries or concerns regarding your roster, we encourage you to contact your Organiser Thomas Russell on on 0419 761 320 or via email at