Are you aware of what a 360° feedback survey is? Are you aware of the practice that your Council has engaged in, and the way they are utilising these surveys?

These surveys ask employees to provide feedback on their colleague’s performance and attitudes anonymously. They are being tailored in such a way to target certain individuals. The information gathered by Council is completely anonymous and indistinguishable which means it’s open slather and there is no accountability for what is raised by these individuals. This is completely inappropriate and unacceptable.

The surveys are not compulsory and we encourage our members not to participate.

We believe this to be purely a fishing expedition to gather information from anonymous employees to build a case against our members.

This concerns the union as we are aware of several circumstances in recent times where council has claimed individuals have had anonymous grievances raised against them, which has led to performance management. It appears clear that these actions are becoming commonplace in any circumstances where Council want to build a case against an individual.

The union stands by our position that a workplace grievance should have those who are raising the issue’s name attached to it, unless the complaint deals with an issue falling under the whistle blower protection laws.

The way these surveys are being conducted allows free reign for an individual to raise an issue without accountability and transparency. As such, we have filed a dispute with the NSWIRC regarding these actions.

If you have concerns relating to these types of actions we want to hear from you. Please contact our Organiser Aarron Vann at or your local delegates.