Today Qantas has announced at least 6000 loyal hard working Qantas group staff will lose their jobs by June 2022. This announcement disproportionately affects USU/ASU covered employees and is not only a premature action but downright wrong and our job now is to get the decision reversed. Qantas has also signaled that the majority of staff will not be back to any work for almost 12 months.

Weeks of speculation and media reports  but no consultation with staff is just not good enough and we deserve better than having to read about the plans in the media.

We cannot let the Federal government off the hook either— where are they? With Job keeper due to finish in September 2020 what is the plan to help this industry and Qantas staff who may not get any work for months….the answer is there is no plan. The Government cannot let this happen, we must all  step up our lobbying for an aviation plan we have dubbed Aviation Keeper. Sign our petition now and get your friends and family too as well.

We also have to get Qantas to use their lobbying power with the government ….they can’t just sit back and relax and do nothing.

What are we doing?

Tonight we have called an urgent delegates meeting to discuss our next steps with Qantas, we will also hold members meetings to discuss what we need to do and what we want. We will be in regular communication as information emerges.  We will then meet with Qantas management and scrutinize their proposals carefully and critically and fight to save every job we can and make sure you know what is happening. Now more than ever it is time to be in the union as we fight to save jobs and keep Australia flying.

Your union is by your side even when Qantas is not.