Following a successful high level joint Union campaign the NSW Government’s proposed public sector wage freeze was voted down in the Upper House yesterday.

Yet the fight is not over.

The Premier has already signalled her intention to continue her push to cut your wages by taking the matter to the Industrial Relations Commission.

The United Services Union is calling on our members at NSW Ambulance to join the campaign against the Public Sector Wage freeze. It is estimated that this will cost our members an average of $2000 each year and will compound this disadvantage for years to come.

It is outrageous, disappointing and unfair that the NSW Government is attempting to cut the pay of people who defended our homes in the bushfires and our lives during the current pandemic.

USU members from across the service have said they feel let down by this decision. They have continued to turn up for work throughout the pandemic, continue to take on more responsibilities and now as senior public servants get monster pay increases the Government continues to press to have their wages cut. Quite rightly they feel this is unfair.

You can take some simple actions to help. On Facebook join the Unions NSW page and support the campaign. Share posts via your social media that oppose the public sector wage freeze. You can also join with other Union members from across the sector in lawful planned actions that you hear about in your local area. If you would like support please speak with your local delegates or Union Organisers.

Like with everything we have faced in 2020 we need to stand united. Encourage your work colleagues to join the Union.

Together we will stand to oppose this attack on NSW Ambulance and other NSW public sector workers.

United Services Union – By your side.