Since mid-April 2020, the USU has been in regular discussions with Armaguard management on a number of matters.

On 27 April 2020, the USU put forward a proposal to Armaguard which was based on the $1500 fortnightly Job Keeper payment. To begin with Armaguard reviewed the roster at Rosehill to:

1. Determine employees regularly rostered on a Friday
2. Employees earning $750 or less per ordinary week
3. Employees earning $751 or more per ordinary week
4. Number of permanent and casual employees

This gave an indication of how the change to rosters could look like.

The USU felt it was important to ensure that as many employees as possible maintained their contracted hours, and/or their income.

Following in depth discussion, mid-May Armaguard agreed to the following for HOURS OF OPERATION:

  • Nationally, Armaguard sites would operate Monday to Thursday only.
  • Where the volume of work allows, Armaguard will continue to accommodate permanent employees working their contracted hours Monday to Thursday. Where the volume of work is insufficient, Armaguard will follow requirements of the Job Keeper legislation.
  • Armaguard will roster all employees necessary to complete the planned volume of work. This will generally be a mix of full time and part time permanent as well as casuals.
  • Armaguard will properly consult with the USU and employees following a government direction of a return to ‘business as usual’ and on any matters related to COVID-19.
  • Armaguard will adhere to the Job Keeper legislation on all matters.
  • Armaguard will review the reduction in hours of operation by or on Tuesday 30 June 2020.
  • Once a fortnight the USU meets (via teleconference) with senior management from Rosehill and NSW/ACT HR. The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 9 June at 6.00pm.

Public Holiday – Rosehill & Newcastle
Late in May, the USU received word that Rosehill had announced a change to the roster in the week following the Public Holiday on Monday 8 June 2020; the business would operate Tuesday to Friday and that employees were expected to work the Friday regardless.

The USU discussed this with Armaguard on Wednesday 27 May 2020 and Armaguard confirmed this change would only apply to Rosehill and Newcastle branches, due to the expectations of some larger customers (i.e. Woolworths, Coles, bank etc.) who are unhappy at the already reduced operating hours.

The USU reminded Armaguard of their obligation to consult with employees and the USU and Armaguard apologised for this oversight.

The outcome is that employees who are able to work on Friday 12 June 2020, can do so, however those that cannot should speak to their supervisor. It is the view of the USU that any member who is unable to work on the Friday will not be penalised.

Should members anywhere in NSW and the ACT have concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic about approaches taken in the workplace, you are encouraged to contact your team at the USU:

USU organiser – Emily Callachor 0417 420 924 or
USU organiser – Mick Jones 0405 020 589 or
USU delegate – Rebecca Steward 0421 956 169 or
USU delegate – Darren Gulliver 0404 821 990 or

As information becomes available, we will keep you up to date.

Emily Callachor
Organiser – Rosehill and Central West & Northern NSW

Mick Jones
Organiser – Wollongong and Southern NSW