This is the seventh member update in our series on the negotiations for the Local Government (State) Award 2023.

LGNSW, on behalf of your council, wants you to accept an average wage increase of less than 3% a year over three years.

This is out of step with the economy, the labour market, and the cost of living crisis, and it will only make the high vacancy rate in local government worse.

There is currently more than the equivalent of $100 million in vacant jobs in NSW local government, and with pay offers like this it is easy to see why.

It is also a smack in the face to thousands of loyal USU members who ensured essential services were delivered unwaveringly over the last three years of the pandemic.

Your pay

The USU is aiming to negotiate pay increases that are higher than the increases seen in the Award for the last decade.

In the lead up to members voting on the Award, we’re encouraging you to share this email with your non-member colleagues.

Join the USU today if you want to:

  • Fight for better pay increases
  • Protect working conditions
  • Improve Local Services

The USU conducts around 350 mass meetings of MEMBERS ONLY across NSW to vote on the new NSW Local Government State Award.

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