Virgin Enterprise Agreement

We can confirm today that VA Guest Services employees have overwhelmingly endorsed the ASU Agreement. WELL DONE!

Congratulations to USU/ASU members for standing up against the severe cuts management had wanted to impose. Because we worked together we were able to:

  • Save automatic progression! All existing employees will continue to progress through the classifications to GS4. This means most employees will get a pay rise during the life of the EBA.
  • Securing commitments around job security and limiting the use of external labour hire, making sure that Virgin workers carry out the airline’s Guest Services work
  • A pathway back to the minimum 25 weekly hours a week for part time employees
    • For existing staff, the minimum hours for part time employees will be:
      • 20 hours a week from now until October 2021;
      • 22 hours a week from October 2021 to June 2022;
      • Back to 25 hours a week from June 2022.
    • For new employees, the minimum weekly hours will be 22 hours a week
    • On full time employment: A guaranteed minimum of 18% of employees will be Full Time;
  • Yearly assessment process for part time to full time conversion
  • New additional hours payment – If you are rostered additional hours with less than 48 hours’ notice (including shift extensions) paid at 150% for the first 2 hours and 200% thereafter
  • A new rostering committee at each port to work through local rostering issues
  • Significantly improved consultation requirements – management must now consult if they are considering a change, not just after they have made a decision.
  • Requirement for consultation with employees and the USU/ASU for future stand downs
  • A delegate charter of rights; assuring that your union delegates will be able to do their jobs representing members.

Well done, we’ve come a long way! This has been a tough year for all, congratulations to all USU/ASU delegates and members for standing together and working hard to retain decent, secure jobs and conditions that will Keep Virgin Flying.

What happens now?

For our agreement to be finalised we are starting the formal process for the Fair Work Commission to approve our agreement. We can expect this process to finished early in the New Year and be assured the USU/ASU will keep members updated at every step.

You can also contact your local organiser if you have any questions



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