Snowy Monaro Regional Council’s decision to privatise parts of its aged care service will cost jobs and reduce services to the local community.

The United Services Union (USU) is concerned about local aged care services being downgraded but the privatisation agenda at the Council appears to be going further with moves to tender out waste collection services as well.

USU General Secretary Graeme Kelly said instead of selling off services the Council should be protecting local jobs and making sure wages earned in the local area were being spent locally to boost the economy.

“Secure council jobs should not be at risk of privatisation and the wholesale sell off of council assets is not the way for the Council to manage its finances,” Mr Kelly said.

“Snowy Monaro Regional Council is the largest employer in the area and research shows 80 per cent of wages paid out in regional areas is spent locally.”

“That won’t be the case once private operators move in and prioritise profits over people and bring in contractors instead of utilising the local workforce.”

“We are gravely concerned that this move will cost local jobs and we call on the Council to reconsider this plan.”

“The USU opposes the contracting out of secure council jobs. Council Services should be performed by full-time council workers and not by contractors.”

“The actions being taken by Snowy Monaro Regional Council undermines every rate payer in the community and the USU will take action to oppose these planned sell offs.”

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