Members of the United Services Union (USU) at Goldenfields Water have this morning taken a decision to stop work over Goldenfield’s refusal to negotiate a fair outcome in their award negotiations.

This morning Goldenfield’s General Manager Aaron Drenovski refused to attend a meeting of workers and rejected our members’ calls to meaningfully negotiate over wages and conditions.

USU General Secretary Graeme Kelly OAM said negotiations for the new award, which has now expired, began in January. In that time Council has managed to schedule just six negotiation meetings.

“In early September Goldenfields filed the matter in the Industrial Relations Commission of NSW where they cynically attempted to shift blame for the lack of progress onto the USU,” Mr Kelly said.

“The Commission dismissed the matter outright, advising Goldenfields Water to go back to the negotiation table and respond to Union claims.”

“The Union has proposed claims that cost local customers less than those proposed by Goldenfields Water over the next three years.”

“Our members are facing increasing cost of living pressures with steep increases in the cost of rents and mortgages, fuel and energy.”

“We are calling on Goldenfields Water General Manager Aaron Drenovski to come back to the table and engage meaningful and constructive negotiations over the new award.”


The United Services Union assures customers of Goldenfields Water that its members will ensure water supply and quality is maintained to the community during the industrial action.