Help determine the outcome of the Local Government election this 9th September.

The United Services Union is asking our members – including our experienced Retired Members Club – to participate in the upcoming Local Government elections.

This Local Government election will be the final say on the forced amalgamation policy which leaves employees and communities vulnerable.

Come and stand with your fellow members, community and industry.

Let’s be the difference and protect the Local Government industry and its communities.

Participate in the United Services Union’s Local Government election campaign.

How you can make a difference

  1. In the lead up to the elections can you spend some time staffing the pre-polling locations? More and more people are voting via pre-poll before the election day. We need to ensure as strong a presence as possible.
  2. On election day can you help out at the election booths?
  3. Please identify which Council Election you can assist with.
  4. Please contact the USU Support Team on 1300 136 604 to discuss how you can help at your nominated Council.

I want to make a difference at the Local Council elections

I can help with pre-poll

I can help on election day

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