The community is being urged to mark Local Government Week by recognising the tireless efforts of council workers across New South Wales to deliver essential services during the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis.
As the health crisis forced the shut-down of large parts of the economy, local government workers remained at their posts, ensuring essential services like waste collection, road maintenance, and childcare continued to operate.
The United Services Union, which represents the majority of the state’s 55,000 local government workers, urged the broader community to take a moment to recognise this hard work and selflessness.
“Local government workers are the backbone of our communities, carrying out essential tasks in our towns and cities,” USU General Secretary Graeme Kelly OAM said.
“Not only do they undertake traditional roles like waste collection, road repairs, and maintenance of sporting grounds and public spaces, but they run thousands of community facilities, including childcare centres, libraries, museums, galleries, theatres, and community centres.
“The importance of that work has been clearer than ever this year, in the face of the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis, with local government workers on the front-line, ensuring essential services continued to safely operate.
“Local Government Week 2020, which runs from August 3 to 9, is a chance for the broader community to recognise the work council staff perform in their local communities and the wide variety of services they provide.
“As the recent challenges in Victoria have shown, we are far from the end of this pandemic, but council workers across NSW remain committed to delivering essential services in a safe, reliable manner.
“Local government workers are proud of their service to their local communities, they understand the value of their work and how it benefits those around them, which is why they continue to get on with the job despite the serious challenges this year has thrown up.”

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