We’re calling on Jetstar to adopt a set of measures to fix front of house (FOH) rostering and make it fair!



USU/ASU delegates and organisers have been meeting with Jetstar on a monthly basis to work through issues members face with Stand Down and rostering.

At the last meeting on Thursday, 22 October 2020 Jetstar announced their plan to recall FOH workers by December this year. This means Jetstar don’t want to approve Special Leave Without Pay (SLWOP) arrangements beyond November 2020 and are talking to us about recalling workers with longer term arrangements that have already been approved.

Rostering priorities for USU/ASU members

Jetstar members who answered our recent survey about rostering were very clear about what they need from the rosters.

Firstly, thanks for telling us what you think – Jetstar members should congratulate themselves for persevering!

You’ve told us that you need to be able to get approval to swap shifts as soon as possible

Issuing rosters so late and not being able to get local approval for swaps puts too much pressure on staff to take their roster as it comes.

Members also told us they are supportive and understanding of Jetstar’s current problems

It does seem like Jetstar wants you to carry the burden of reduced flying. Meanwhile they piece together an approach to rostering that doesn’t work for anyone – potentially breaching your terms and conditions of employment and it all adds up to a big mess!


A significant number of workers at every port have told us that they have been successful in securing secondary employment to make ends meet.

A SLWOP arrangement is critical for those workers so they can accept alternative employment without worrying that Jetstar will expect them to break their commitment to their secondary employer.

Until such time as Jetstar can offer the available pool of workers their minimum hours in the Jetstar/ASU Agreement 2018, the USU/ASU does not believe you should be recalled from a SLWOP arrangement.

Notice of rosters

For remaining staff in the pool of people available to work, you also need reasonably predictable hours before Jetstar stand you up – it’s not fair to get a Stand Down notice or a roster with the minimum 7 days’ notice only to get a new request to come into work at short notice.

We expect to meet with Jetstar again before the end of the week.



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