It’s no secret that the cost of living has been rapidly increasing, and now more than ever, families are feeling the pinch and struggling to pay for the essentials.

We are always working hard on your behalf to achieve the best possible pay rises and conditions for you at work – but there are a number of other financial benefits you can access thanks to your USU membership.

Discounts on your everyday necessities.

Through ‘Where to Enjoy’ and ‘Union Shopper’ you can access discounts on giftcards for Woolworths and Coles, along with fuel stations like Ampol and United.

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Make sure you’re getting the best deal on your mortgage!

Our union has partnered with Australian Mutual Bank, so get in touch with Glen Warner to ensure you’re getting the best possible interest rate- it could literally save you thousands.

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Book your holiday for less!

In sunny Port Macquarie, our union operates Riverside Resort @ Port, nestled along the Hastings River. As a USU member, you are entitled to significantly discounted rates for accommodation, so you and your family can enjoy a holiday for less!

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Find out what you’re entitled to

It’s important to make sure that you’re getting the best deal, and accessing all the supports that you’re entitled to. For example, by checking the NSW Government’s ‘Fuel Check’ website or app, you can easily find the cheapest fuel in your local area. Additionally, there are a number of vouchers and subsidies operated by the NSW and Federal Governments that you may be eligible for. These have been recently updated, so there may be something new that you and your family can access. Check out these sites:

Savings Finder   |   Fuel Check    |  Energy Rebates & Assistance

We know that discounts like these won’t fix the cost of living crisis that is hurting so many of us right now. That’s why, in addition to continuing the fight to protect your best interests at work, we are engaging with the ACTU in their Inquiry into Price Gouging and Unfair Pricing Practices. In the meantime, we hope that the benefits we outlined (PLUS MORE) can help to take a little bit of the pressure off.