As you may be aware, negotiations with the “new” Endeavour Energy kicked off last month. This time around, the negotiating is going down the path of interest based bargaining. Put simply, interest based bargaining is a process in which the parties lay out their areas of interest within the Agreement, brainstorm concepts around those areas of interest and then begin a process of elimination having consideration for the pros and cons of each concept – the idea being to land on a concept that provides a benefit to, or benefits, both parties.

At the meeting held on 28 September, Endeavour threw up some of their areas of interest which included:

  • Shiftwork;
  • Flexibility, including geographic flexibility; and
  • What can more broadly be described as general interests.

Bearing in mind this meeting was the first chance for either party to lay out their interests, therefore no in principle agreement was reached on any of the concepts thrown about. The next meeting will be a chance for the combined unions to put up our list of interests for brainstorming. As you will know, the log of claims has been formulated on three core principles:

  • A fair wage increase;
  • Job security; and
  • Maintenance of current conditions.

Meetings are slated to be held fortnightly, with the next meeting being held on 12 October. Members will be updated as to the outcomes.

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