In December 2020 MOPS employees made an emphatic statement with an historic NO VOTE sending the Government’s proposed Commonwealth Members of Parliament Staff Enterprise Agreement 2020-23 back to the negotiating table.

After a further 6 meetings and several appearances in the Fair Work Commission the Government has once again tabled an EA that fails to address the concerns of bargaining representatives from all sides of politics.

The Government has doggedly held on to its position of a salary adjustment system that could actually reduce your current income.

The Minister has chosen not to use the discretionary power available to him under the policy to make an exception and to insert a floor to WPI. Without this floor there is no guarantee or transparency to annual salary adjustments. The language used here is important, no longer does your agreement refer to annual increases it refers to salary adjustments to accommodate the possibility of wages actually going backwards.

The Union and your delegates have worked in good faith to attempt to deliver a fair enterprise agreement for over 18 months. Delegates on all sides returned to the bargaining table, following the defeat of the Government’s last insulting offer, to attempt to find a path forward.

Disappointingly the Department has taken little of the feedback that was provided on board, putting up an enterprise agreement that has little significant changes from what was offered in December.

Owing to their failures to listen to the concerns of members, we are once again encouraging you to VOTE NO to this latest offer.

The Government’s offer FAILS:

✗    to instate a floor on WPI. Without this floor your wage increase could turn into a pay cut in real terms.
✗    to provide any certainty about what your remuneration will be in years 2 and 3.
✗    to protect your leave entitlements, through the formalisation of TOIL arrangements
✗    to address significant concerns around the unfolding wage theft issue
✗    to make any positive changes to salary bands

Your Union once again is encouraging members to VOTE NO!

The access period started Sunday 23 May and voting will be open form Monday 31 May to Friday 4th June.

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