USU members employed in NSW Councils covered by the State Award will soon be notified of USU “award vote meetings” to be held in their workplace.

Current negotiations for the next State Award, which is due to commence for 3 years from the 1st July 2017, are about to conclude.

The negotiations for this award have been both difficult and lengthy due to a much harder position from the employers (LGNSW) during the negotiations.

As a result, we have spent much more time in the Industrial Relations Commission in conciliation than in previous award negotiations.

The USU will hold approximately 300 mass meetings spread across every Council within NSW covered by the State Award.

Depending on how matters progress, we will seek to circulate a summary of proposed changes prior to the mass meetings during which the award will be voted on.

Only USU members will be entitled to attend and vote at these meetings, non-members will not be invited. Should non-members wish to be informed of the proposed changes and want a say they will need to join the Union.

Members can expect to be notified of their “award vote meeting” soon. At this time it is expected that the USU meetings to vote on the award will be held between the 8th and 28th of June.

If the vote is a majority yes vote the award will be ratified in the IRC on the 30th of June.LGNSW (the employers association) will be meeting on June 2nd where it is expected their elected board will either endorse or reject the award package.

Should the LGNSW board endorse the proposed award, the USU will then finalise the award comparison flyer and explanatory notes, and will circulate ASAP for the award vote.

Should the vote be a majority “yes” vote, the award should commence on July 1st, 2017, and the first award increase in pay would be due from the first full pay period following July 1st.

What’s next?
Keep an eye out for further Local Government (State) Award Updates, and talk to your fellow workers about your Award. If you, or your colleagues haven’t already joined, now is the time to join the Union. Only by working together can we ensure that we have strong pay and conditions.

Also remember, when the time comes to vote on the Award, only Union members will be given a chance to vote and have their say on the Award. Join now at

Graeme Kelly
General Secretary
United Services Union