That’s right! On Friday 12th May 2017 a party was thrown by Council to celebrate one year since the amalgamation.  Viv May apparently forgot to invite himself or couldn’t be bothered to attend!  

The Union’s invitation also seemed to go missing in the mail.  That’s right the USU, who has supported and represented members during this ordeal was not invited to the celebration! 

Did we get upset? Of course not – the USU held their own gathering on the 12th May 2017.

Ours was a more sombre event as we remembered the undemocratic decisions Mr May has made including:
1.    Disbanding Parks Committees
2.    Tendering out Waste Services

We also spared a moment for the 166 employees of the former Councils who are no longer at Cumberland Council.

Remember, even though members may be scared to stand with us publicly, we are always standing beside our members! 

Remember your Union can best support you when we all stand together.

For further information contact your delegate or your official Sandie Morthen on 0419 761 326 or

Hey Viv, are you too North Shore to hang out with the real people?