Eligible employees at Qantas Sydney Domestic Airport with twelve months or more service may fill out an Expression of Interest in a Flexible Working Arrangement. The employer can refuse requests on reasonable business grounds.

Who is eligible to request a flexible working arrangement?

An employee is eligible to request an Arrangement if they require flexibility because they:

1.    Are the parent or have responsibility for the care of a child who is of school age or younger
2.    Are a Carer (within the meaning of the Carer Recognition Act 2010)
3.    Have a disability
4.    Are fifty five years or older
5.    Are experiencing violence from a member of their family or
6.    Provide care or support to a member of their immediate family or household, who requires care or support because they are experiencing violence from their family
7.    Are the parent of a child or have the responsibility for the care of a child and are returning  to work after parental or adoption leave

These Arrangements are not intended for prolonged periods nor for a permanent rearrangement of hours and generally are to provide care or support to a child or family member. Arrangements will be up to 12 months maximum when all current and new requests will be reviewed.

If Management receive more FWA requests than they can accommodate then a defined selection process will take place. One of the considerations amongst the other factors is whether a person’s circumstances have changed since their initial engagement with Qantas. Further comprehensive information will be provided by Management.

In order to contribute to discussions on Work Life Balance the ASU-United Services Union is seeking a non-committal indication from members as to whether they may consider utilising a Flexible Working Arrangement.

We have emailed our Qantas Domestic members to ask for their response. If you did not receive an email and would like to respond please contact Organiser Nick Herbert at nherbert@usu.org.au