Most local government employees accrue their long service leave under the Local Government (State) Award 2014 which accrues at greater rate than under the Long Service Leave Act 1955.

The Award was recently varied to allow employees with 10 or more years continuous service to come to an agreement with their employer to cash out their excess long service leave and have that money paid into their superannuation account.

Excess long service leave is the long service leave accrued under the Award which is over and above what you would normally accrue under the Act.

The USU and Local Government Super are currently preparing some advice on how this will work in practice and we will issue a further update shortly.

In the meantime, should you have any questions or wish to seek advice on any aspect of your superannuation entitlements contact your relevant superannuation fund.



Long Service Leave ActLocal Government (State) Award 2014
5 years' service0 weeks6.5 weeks
10 years' service8 weeks13 weeks
15 years' service12 weeks19.5 weeks
20 years' service16 weeks30.5 weeks
25 years' service20 weeks41.5 weeks