In line with the USU campaign “Council Services by Council Workers”opposing the overuse of contractors in Local Government and focusing on the ongoing need and demand to protect the future of council worker jobs, Canterbury Bankstown Council, one of the state’s largest merged Councils, has taken the vital step of bringing back their Waste and Cleansing Services in-house to be performed by Council workers. This is a positive example of the Union’s vision for 2021 and beyond! 

  1. In April 2021 Council introduced in-house services to deliver superior and efficient services to the Community. 

  2. This has created close to 40 new roles bringing a total of 168 workers based in this department. 

  3. The members pick up around 40,000 bins per day or 200,000 bins per week. 

  4. Council has a fleet of 50 waste collection vehicles. 

This is a decision that USU General Secretary Graeme Kelly and USU President Glen McAtear strongly support.   

Delegates Col Myers, Peter Bacon & Ian Hamilton, USU members and officials Graeme Kelly OAM General Secretary, Glen McAtear President, Organiser Irene Nair along with Council General Manager Matt Stewart, Mayor Khal Asfour & Bob Tasker – Manager of Waste and Cleansing seized the opportunity to celebrate the return of inhouse waste collections with a BBQ at the Councils Anzac St depot. 

Top and above: Delegates Col Myers, Peter Bacon & Ian Hamilton, USU members and officials Graeme Kelly OAM General Secretary, Glen McAtear President, Organiser Irene Nair along with Council General Manager Matt Stewart, Mayor Khal Asfour & Bob Tasker – Manager of Waste and Cleansing seized the opportunity to celebrate the return of inhouse waste collections with a BBQ at the Councils Anzac St depot.

 This is a true reflection of progressive and visionary leadership led by the Council’s Manager, GM and Mayor. 
According to USU Organiser Irene Nair the initiative has created close to 40 Full-time jobs.

“This means 40 new USU members who are now guaranteed a regular wage and job security. It’s important to celebrate these moments which have positively impacted many by stimulating the local economy”, added Irene.
General Secretary Graeme Kelly OAM congratulated the Council led by Mayor Khal Asfour, a proud USU member, for believing in the strengths and efficiency of a day labour workforce ensuring job security and better services.

“It’s time that other Mayors and elected Councillors who sing the praises of contracted labour take note and invest in well resourced in-house day labour services. Remember contractors are in the business to make a profit and those profits in most cases are not being invested in the local communities from which they are taken, enough is enough”, said Graeme.  

Council workers across NSW are urged to get onboard and join the USU in our campaign “Council Services by Council Workers” and minimise this scourge on our industry. Find out more about the campaign here.

Council services by Council workers