The outcome of the Virgin Agreement vote is in – and staff overwhelmingly voted to reject management’s cuts to conditions.

By rejecting the proposed agreement, VA employees have demonstrated the importance of collective bargaining and the power of working together to get the best possible deal. This outcome sends a strong message to Virgin Australia that they cannot disregard the concerns and needs of their employees.

Virgin Australia must return to the negotiation table and address matters of importance to workers, such as a fair pay increase, sick leave, enforceable flexibility, and improved rostering.

Sick leave is an essential employee benefit that ensures workers can take time off when they are unwell without facing financial consequences or the fear of losing their jobs. Virgin Australia must recognise the significance of providing adequate sick leave provisions beyond the legal minimum, allowing employees to prioritise their health and well-being.

Workers need enforceable flexibility and improved rostering to achieve a healthy work-life balance and cater to personal obligations. However, it is crucial to have enforceable agreements in place to ensure that flexibility is not exploited or used to the detriment of workers’ rights. By engaging in meaningful negotiations, Virgin Australia can demonstrate its commitment to its workforce’s well-being and foster a positive and mutually beneficial work environment.

Now is the important moment to be an active USU/ASU member, as recent developments highlight how important collective power is in protecting workers’ rights. By actively participating in the USU/ASU, members can contribute to shaping fairer working conditions and ensure their voices are heard in crucial negotiations.

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