Our members demonstrated on Thursday 29th November just how deeply they feel about the investigation that has taken place on the culture of harassment and bullying at Council.

Our members made it quite clear to Council that the agreement reached at the commencement of the independent investigation must be adhered to by Council.

Our members made it clear that Council must adhere to agreements made with the Union and its members, and will not accept Council back flipping.

Please see the Motion passed at the Union Meeting.

We the members of the USU have conducted a meeting to discuss the report known as the “Pendlebury Report” and as a result of the union’s report back, we make the following motion:

Timeframes for delivery of items requested by COB Friday 30 November 2018.

An unredacted report to Mayor as per original agreement be delivered direct from Pendlebury

An unredacted report to USU (Rudi) be delivered direct from Pendlebury

Staff be given reports and findings not a verbal delivery of these by CEO

Full membership to march to Admin and Union Organiser and Delegates to deliver motions to Executive

A further report back meeting of USU members take place to discuss outcomes at 9am next Wednesday 5 December, 2018 at the top shed at the depot.


If you have a workmate who is not a union member, please encourage them to join our Union.

If you have any questions re what is happening, please talk to your Delegates, Margaret, Bill and Matt M or contact your Organiser Rudi Oppitz on 0409662460