Before we even get up in the morning and right throughout the day, you and your fellow members are hard at work keeping our community running. Every day of every week local government workers are at the heart of our communities.

As essential workers you have been at the front line during this pandemic. Working through lockdowns to keep our communities going.

In the face of the unprecedented COVID crisis throughout 2020 and 2021, the importance of the work you do has never been clearer.

Whether you are in metro Sydney or greater NSW we recognise that contribution and thank you for it.

Local Government Week gives us the opportunity to recognise the vital role Local Government plays right across NSW – but more importantly it gives us the opportunity to celebrate our members for the work you do and the important role you play as a member of the United Services Union.

With over 30,000 members the USU is the largest Local Government union in Australia.

As General Secretary I couldn’t be prouder of our members who make local government work.

The past two years have been tough but together we have achieved a lot. Our Award was negotiated in 2020 under lockdown, we have negotiated a special Splinter Award to ensure members are protected during this tough time, we have led the way with Vaccination Leave – the first industry in Australia to win that protection. On top of that we have seen wage increases for our members and have launched our Council services by Council workers campaign to protect secure jobs. As a member of the USU you have a lot to be proud of.

Local Government Week recognises the importance of local government. I recognise the workers – our members – who make local government work.

Find out more about Local Government Week and the Local Government Week Awards >

On behalf of President Glen McAtear and the USU Executive I thank you.

We are by your side,

Graeme Kelly OAM
USU General Secretary